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Tekla Structures 15.0 Released
Tero Laine, Business Manager

Every spring we see new flowers blossom, and this year the one we have been waiting for is Tekla Structures 15. The final version was launched on the 31st of March.

The new features in Tekla Structures 15 will let you model and detail much more intuitively and make your drawings and other output more easily, as well as improving project collaboration through enhanced interoperability and visualization. See for yourself and learn your reasons to update at www.teklastructures.com

Especially note things like the new mini toolbar, new snapping tools, unfolding (e.g. all kinds of ladder cages are now unfolded better) and pop mark placing improvements are worth checking out and ready for you to take advantage of in your upcoming projects. And with the support for 64 bit computers there are no limits to the project size you can do with the new version!

The feedback so far from customer base has been extremely positive. Many of the improvements in 15.0 are in functions you use every day, every hour, even every minute. Once you start to use the latest Tekla Structures version, you do not want to go back. So I suggest you get your new 15.0 entitlement from us soon and start to enjoy the spring!

Tekla has also made a change for the version cycle. This year we will not be seeing any 15.1 version, only frequent updates to 15.0 until it is time to check out the very early 16.0 versions late this year. And the first updates for 15.0 are already being published, so keep your eyes open for further improvements.

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