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Tekla Structures - Instructor Based Training

Instructor based training is set up through your Dowco Sales representative. Courses are tailored to your needs and delivered by one of our support team representatives. Our front line support staff have been regular trainers for the last 10 years and are capable of delivering training materials customized and focused to your needs. No subject is too simple or complex. The learning material is customized for a 100% fit to your unique requirements. Prior to commencing any training we also provide a free, no obligation consultation to ensure training topics match your individual needs.

Instructor Based Training can be delivered in either of of the following methods:

  1. Internet – Virtual Classroom. GoToMeeting for 1-on-1 or 1-to-many students
  2. Face-to-Face – Classroom Training in your office or ours for as many students as you require.

Case Study

Recently, a fabricator customer requested we send a qualified technician to their office for a week of consulting and custom training. It was decided that Tero Laine, DTSL's Technical Manager was the best candidate for this particular project.

The goal for the week's training was established on site with the customer first thing Monday morning. The mandate from the company owners perspective was to "produce shop drawings in 25% less time. After an initial assessment, it was dtermined the focus area for training would be the following:

  • Setting up automatic connections
  • Setting up automatic drawings
  • Tekla US localization
  • Custom components training
  • Demonstration of template editor capabilities

It was apparent that simply by introducing these features along with some specialized training, attaining the 25% time saving objective would not be a difficult task. This lack of awareness of Tekla features reminds us that there are a number of users who seem to be settling for much less than what Tekla Structures can actually offer.

The training went very well, Tero was overwhelmed by the positive feedback they had to give after the week was over. They have been using Tekla Structures for well over 5 years now, and it showed. As a result training became very productive really fast.

While they were efficient with what they knew, most of the even somewhat modern techniques were unknown to them, which is quite typical and not at all surprising. The customer was initially trained when they first acquired Tekla and knew the functionality of Tekla well back then. Since that time however, they have been unable to keep up with the many new features and enhancements added to Tekla Structures.

Due to no fault of their own, if a problem arose on a job or it appeared there was a lack of functionality in Tekla, it seemed easier to find a work-around than to find the solution provided in newer versions of Tekla Structures.

After the week, the following had been accomplished:

  • Automate the desired amount of bolt rows. They have been manually entering the bolt rows for eight year as the US default is not giving enough bolts for some connections.

  • First set of AutoDefaults. Among other things, basic beam-to-beam and column connections were reading different settings for different section sizes, and different slot hole and notch properties when connecting to existing structure.

  • Update some components, e.g. the component which creates the sharp bent plate from the two plates welded together, then welded to the beam as subassembly.

  • First set of basic assembly drawing properties: channel, W beam and column allowed them to get away with only adding a few dimensions to every drawing, thus vastly reducing the amount of time spent editing drawings.

With these changes alone, the 25% reduction will be achieved.

In addition to this quantifiable list, they now have further knowledge that there are other enhancements they can do to improve the productivity further. Most importantly, their eyes are wide open to Tekla's possibilities; they now have a new approach to solving new challenges.

Training Options - Internet - Self-paced, self-study

Working with our partners and recognizing that training is critical to employee morale and the effective operation of any company, we are pleased to offer the following courses targeted at the steel industry. Using our own training standards and years of real-life experience, these self-study, self-paced, computer-based training courses are designed to enhance the students existing skills and to help them acquire new ones.

Tekla Beginner Training - Developed by Dowco and endorsed by Tekla Corporation, this Basic Training course is an invaluable tool for individuals new to Tekla Structures. This practical and interactive method of teaching demonstrates Tekla Structures features and functionality.

Structural Detailer Training - This comprehensive course, developed by Dowco and endorsed by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) -- is an invaluable tool for detailing firms, fabricators, and any other firms that employ people to prepare and review structural steel shop drawings.

Connection Design for Structural Steel - The Connection Design for Structural Steel course focuses on the concepts and fundamentals of designing and analyzing connections for structural steel members. The course is designed to target senior detailers and structural engineers, someone with extensive industry experience that plays a role in the design of structural steel buildings or structures.

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